About Ali-Ann

Ali-Ann Standard Poodles started in the late 1990’s with Ali coming to live with us from Jan Wender of Empire Kennel in Sioux City, IA.  I was visiting Jan to pick out a puppy after the loss of a black standard puppy six months earlier.  The two cream puppies I picked as my first and second choice were chosen by the stud owner as their pick puppies.  Ali had caught my eye during the visit.  When she looked at me I could tell she was more than an elegant looking dog.  After several long conversations, we had Ali meet my children and she came to live with us.

Ali did not disappoint us as an intelligent and adoring companion.  I tried my hand at showing her in conformation.  I learned I had a lot to learn.  Ali was major pointed, which means she had one major win of the two needed to attain her champion title.  Although deserving, Ali did not attain her AKC Champion title.  Ali, Empire Boji Alibis, became our foundation of Ali-Ann Standard Poodles .

I had Ali bred three times with the intent to keep a puppy from each litter.  Dara, Ali-Ann Empire BiltOn Lemerle (2002) and Carmen, Ali-Ann Kwik Pik Encore (2003) are Ali’s daughters who are behind Gina, the mother of our current litter.  Ch. Ali-Ann’s A Long Kiss Goodnight,  Gina is the only dog to have Ali-Ann Standard Poodles  on both sides of her pedigree.  She has a VGL co-efficient of 0.08 which shows diversity in her pedigree.

Since our first litter in 2002 we have had 78 puppies from Ali, her daughters, granddaughter and now her great-granddaughter.

About Us-

My husband, granddaughter and I live on a little over an acre of land in rural Fargo, ND which is on the MN/ND border.  Most weekends you can find us at the lake 50 miles east.  Currently, we have three standard poodles in our household; Gina the mother of this litter, her sire, Peter and Patsy, our show pick from this litter.  We don’t breed often, but expect to breed Gina at least once more before she is retired from motherhood.  Gina carries a recessive brown gene.

Where did it start?

I started out my dog career showing in 4-H.   Bingo, a German shepherd/Old English Sheepdog cross and I were acknowledged at the banquet by being awarded Honorable Mention and receiving a plaque.  I’ve had other breeds of dogs.  I found the intelligence and biddability of the standard poodle to be what I was looking for.  I love the fact poodles don’t shed.  I have trained in obedience, rally and agility.  I have shown in both the U.S. and Canada.  I do therapy work in a nursing home with Gina’s sire, Peter in addition to conformation.

About this litter
If it is a breeder’s intent to improve the breed each time they raise a litter I have accomplished this with this litter of puppies.  These puppies are not only beautiful, the temperaments are outstanding.  They are patient and biddable.  They want to please you and want to be good.

The parents, Gina and Gibbs Ch. Swag’s The Heat Is On have beautiful puppies.  Each contributed nicely to this litter.

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